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Empathy and Gender Activism in Early Modern Spain: María de Zayas's Amorous and Exemplary Novels
Rethinking empathy through literature
  • Isabel Jaén Portillo, Portland State University
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  • Empathy in literature Literature -- Psychology Sociology in literature

In recent years, a growing field of empathy studies has started to emerge from several academic disciplines, including neuroscience, social psychology, and philosophy. Because literature plays a central role in discussions of empathy across disciplines, reconsidering how literature relates to ""feeling with"" others is key to rethinking empathy conceptually. This collection challenges common understandings of empathy, asking readers to question what it is, how it works, and who is capable of performing it. The authors reveal the exciting research on empathy that is currently emerging.


Copyright (2014) Routledge, Taylor and Francis

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Jaén, I. (2014). Empathy and Gender Activism in Early Modern Spain: María de Zayas’s Amorous and Exemplary Novels. In Rethinking Empathy through Literature (pp. 203-215). Routledge.