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Study on Vibration Isolation Design of Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets
International Journal of Engineering Research (2015)
  • Innovative Research Publications, IRP India, Innovative Research Publications
  • Guang-Min Luo
  • Shiang-Yi Wu
The traditional cooling fans can’t be applied in modern consumer electronic products because the modern electronic products always have slim shapes. In recent years, GE’s Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets (DCJ) constructed by piezoelectricity materials had been developed and employed in modern electronic products’ cooling. The main cooling principle of DCJ is utilizing variation of heat field which is conducted by vibration to accomplish heat exchange. However, the vibration generated by DCJ will be transmitted to adjacent devices and cause the extra vibration problems. Appropriate glue and isolated damper; like rubber and cohesive polymer; can reduce the transmission of vibration. Glue is applied to bond the adjacent piezo thin plates, and isolated damped is applied to fasten DCJ on the base of electronic products. In this study, the numerical simulation package ANSYS is utilized to simulate the vibration reduction effects of various kinds of glue and isolated dampers. Furthermore, the simulation results are also employed to confirm the better isolated types that can isolate the extra vibration effectively.
  • Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets (DCJ),
  • Numerical simulation
Publication Date
Summer May 1, 2015
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Innovative Research Publications, Guang-Min Luo and Shiang-Yi Wu. "Study on Vibration Isolation Design of Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets" International Journal of Engineering Research Vol. 4 Iss. 5 (2015)
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