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Puerto Rican Phenotype: Understanding its Historical Underpinnings and Psychological Associations
Journal of Behavioral Sciences
  • Irene Lopez
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The following is a historically informed review of Puerto Rican phenotype.Geared toward educating psychologists,this review discusses how variouspsychological issues associated with phenotype may have arisen as a resultof historical legacies and policies associated with race and racial mixing. Itdiscusses how these policies used various markers to demarcate an “authen-tic”Puerto Rican identity,and how we continue to reference these variableswhen defining Puerto Rican identity,despite the fact that identity is contex-tual and fluid. In reviewing the historical underpinnings and contextualnature of phenotype,it is hoped that the reader will gain a greater apprecia-tion of the role of phenotype in the lives of Puerto Ricans and understandhow phenotype,and,most importantly,historical trauma can be related to ahost of psychological concerns.
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López, I. R. (2008). Puerto Rican phenotype: Understanding its historical underpinnings and psychological associations. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 30, (2), 161-180.