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Leveraging Shared Publishing Platforms: What We are Learning
Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) (2013)
  • Irene Perciali, bepress

Digital Commons now hosts over 500 journals published by libraries under the rapidly growing “library as publisher” model, which enables the ability to look at data across all the journals to track trends, to foster a community of nascent library-publishers, and to connect journals to third parties and to each other in meaningful ways. This presentation will explore these issues:

• Journal performance benchmarking data Detailed data from across all journals hosted on Digital Commons will be used to consider various questions, including: How do student journals compare to faculty journals? What programs and fields are the best candidates for library-led publishing?

• Expertise-sharing In October, 18 librarians from institutions across the country participated in the first Scholarly Publishing Certification course at bepress. This session will present what these librarians wanted to know, what they learned, and what takeaways were most important to their better understanding of scholarly communications.

• Interoperability A critical mass of journals publishing on one platform opens opportunities to raise the discoverability and scholarly caliber of all of them. For example, it becomes possible to create and promote thematic collections that become useful research resources in themselves. It also brings professional-grade publishing services, like DOIs, indexing, and archiving, within economically viable reach. This presentation will discuss a first version of a thematic collection, the Law Review Commons, as well as experiences and lessons learned using bepress’s DC Publishing Services program.

Publication Date
Fall 2013
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Irene Perciali. "Leveraging Shared Publishing Platforms: What We are Learning" Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) (2013)
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