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About Ira Steven Nathenson

My scholarship explores the role that technology plays in the creation, dissemination, and retrieval of information. Most recently, I've written about the role that procedure plays in private online enforcement, the dangers of procedural injustice arising from unfettered private ordering, and the attendant need for Digital Due Process. My next project considers how several notable philosophers from the 19th through 20th centuries might shed light on the nature of cyberlaw and cyberspace. Additionally, my scholarship addresses more than intellectual property doctrine or cyberspace theory: I have also written several articles on how technology might be used by legal educators to create online role-playing simulations that permit students to holistically and immersively learn doctrine, theory, skills, and ethics in a manner consistent with Best Practices for Legal Education and the Carnegie Report. My writings have been published in journals such as the Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, University of Pittsburgh Law Review, Intercultural Human Rights Law Review, Santa Clara Computer & High Technology Law Journal, University of Louisville Law Review, and Akron Intellectual Property Journal.

Curriculum Vitae

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Contact Information

St. Thomas University School of Law
16401 N.W. 37th Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL 33054
phone: 305-474-2454


Internet Law (9)

Intellectual Property (10)

Human Rights (1)

Civil Procedure (8)