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Domestication of Indigenous Porphyra (nori) Species for Commercial Cultivation
World Aquaculture 1998 (1998)
  • C Yarish
  • R Wilkes
  • T Chopin
  • X G Fei
  • Ira A Levine, University of Southern Maine

The red alga Porphyra (commonly called nori), is a major source of food for humans throughout the world and is the most valuable maricultured seaweed in the world today. In 1995, approximately 12 billion sheets (approximately 36,000 metric tons) were produced, with an annual value of more than $1.8 billion. Porphyra is primarily used as the reddish-black wrapping, consisting of chopped, pressed, and toasted blades, around sushi rolls.

  • Porphyra,
  • Seaweed culture,
  • Aquaculture techniques
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C Yarish, R Wilkes, T Chopin, X G Fei, et al.. "Domestication of Indigenous Porphyra (nori) Species for Commercial Cultivation" World Aquaculture 1998 (1998)
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