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Northeast Ohio Front Runners: Groups of Regional Industry Drivers (GRIDs)
Urban Publications
  • Iryna Lendel, Cleveland State University
  • Merissa Piazza, Cleveland State University
  • Iryna Demko, Cleveland State University
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This research provides relevant, data-driven insights on competitive industries in the Northeast Ohio (NEO) economy over the 2013-2017 period. This report informs the reader on industries that over the last five years outperformed their national counterparts in wealth creation. These industries employ a significant amount of regional workforce, create sizable output, and have a regional competitive advantage. This research updates previous research conducted by the Regional Economic Competitiveness Strategy in 2011 and provides up-to-date insights into the future growth areas of NEO’s regional economy.

Citation Information
Iryna Lendel, Merissa Piazza and Iryna Demko. "Northeast Ohio Front Runners: Groups of Regional Industry Drivers (GRIDs)" (2018) p. 1 - 25
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