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IBX Image Based XML for Digital Projects in the Humanities
Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy
  • Ionut Emil Iacob, Georgia Southern University
  • Kevin Kiernan, University of Kentucky
Room 217
Type of Presentation
Individual paper/presentation (20 minute presentation)
Target Audience
Higher Education

See presentation description.

Presentation Description
This presentation introduces Imate-Based XML (IBX) tool, a cross-platform software application for helping humanities scholars create XML encoding in a variety of digital projects. The presenters will show how IBX can be used to teach and/or learn XML and will present a set of sample projects from a variety of domains: manuscript studies, archaeology, art, music, etc.
Presentation Year
  • Information literacy,
  • Humanities,
  • IBX,
  • XML,
  • Digital projects
Publication Type and Release Option
Presentation (Open Access)
Citation Information
Ionut Emil Iacob and Kevin Kiernan. "IBX Image Based XML for Digital Projects in the Humanities" (2008)
Available at: