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ICDCS2018 (2018)
  • Ion Dumitru, Boral Ltd
Remedial work for an iconic building in Sydney, Australia is currently being carried out. Two façade mortars, capable of matching the current exposed quartz aggregate finish and achieving a 40 years design life, are required. In order to ensure the quality of the imported quartz aggregates for this project, test have been carried out for particle size distribution, density, wet/dry strength variation, sodium sulphate soundness and Los Angeles Abrasion value. The two mortar mixes employed for repair work (Form & Pour and Hand Applied mixes) were comprehensively assessed for mix workability, compressive strength in warm and cold conditions, drying shrinkage, bond strength and coefficient of thermal expansion. The mortar durability assessment included chloride resistance as per NT443 and NT492 specifications, electrical resistivity as per AASHTO TP95 requirements, together with accelerated carbonation and accelerated weathering for colour variation assessment. The chloride resistance and the accelerated carbonation data was further used for the service life prediction. The paper presents the results of the aggregates and mortar assessments. The mortar mixes properties are important to be taken into consideration for any other similar façade repair works.
  • mortar durability,
  • façade repair and rehabilitation,
  • service life prediction
Publication Date
Summer July 22, 2018
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Ion Dumitru. "ICDCS2018_Dumitru_paper_1243.pdf" ICDCS2018 (2018)
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