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An Interactive Multimedia Advertising Systems For Networked Mobile Devices
MCIS 2009 Proceedings
  • Ioannis Deliyannis, Ionian University, Department of AudioVisual Arts
  • Panos Pandis, Institute of Lefkas, Department of Informatics for Management and Economics
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Interdisciplinary research into novel application areas such as interactive advertising is benefited greatly by the wide availability of networked mobile devices. The majority of PDA and mobile phones available today support Internet browsing and multimedia content delivery while they permit advanced user feedback, offering rich communication capabilities for advertisers. In addition, new multimedia technologies such as Flash, Shockwave and other game technologies enable the development of new customised and portable advertising applications. This paper describes the design of an interactive system where advertisements are delivered on-demand, the user responds to the content ensuring message delivery while system design prevents unwanted communication to be circulated. Various relevant issues are discussed, including the underlying data-flow, user-interaction, system security, human factors and the development of content for use in multiple advertising scenarios.
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Ioannis Deliyannis and Panos Pandis. "An Interactive Multimedia Advertising Systems For Networked Mobile Devices" (2009)
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