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Religion and Representation: Islam and Democracy
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  • Ingrid Mattson, Huron at Western
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Religion and Representation: Islam and Democracy brings together a series of reflections, studies and observations that examine the complex relationship between political representation and Islam. Through the perspectives of theology, history, sociology, philosophy and political science, contributions to this volume explore the connections between religious beliefs, religiosity, political ideals and political behaviour. Grounded in the experience of both Muslim-majority and Muslim-minority states, the chapters represent a broad cross-section of approaches that emerge from a process of exchange and dialogue, which began with a three-day conference in London, Canada in March 2012. Beyond demonstrating how Islam and democracy are compatible, the authors in this volume employ theological reasoning, theoretical insight, logical argumentation and empirical data to explore in detail the points of connection. Contributions encompass a broad spectrum of interpretations of Islam, as well as consideration of critical and compelling issues and controversies across a range of contemporary settings.

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Mattson, I., Nesbitt-Larking, P., & Tahir, N. (Eds.). (2015). Religion and Representation: Islam and Democracy. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.