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Gender and Sexuality in Islamic Bioethics
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  • Ingrid Mattson, Huron at Western
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Book Chapter
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This chapter examines how various Islamic discourses assert and challenge normative claims about gender and sexuality. In the limited space assigned for this chapter, a comprehensive examination of these issues is impossible. Instead, it focuses on what are, in my opinion, some of the key problematic assumptions, dominant (and dominating) paradigms and under-developed principles that are invoked in discussions of gender and sexuality as they pertain to Islamic bioethics. This will necessarily involve, at times, a historical examination of how particular legal concepts and structures developed.

Citation Information

Mattson, I. (2017). Gender and Sexuality in Islamic Bioethics. In A. Bagheri & K. Alali (Eds.), Islamic Bioethics: Current Issues and Challenges (57-84). World Scientific.