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Functional Urethral Obstruction in 3 Dogs: Clinical and Urethral Pressure Profile Findings
Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (2000)
  • India F. Lane, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Julie R. Fischer
  • Ellen Miller
  • Gregory F Grauer
  • Michael R Lappin
Three dogs with dysuria and urine retention caused by excessive functional urethral resistance are described. All dogs had clinical histories and urologic signs that previously would have been classified as detrusor-urethral dyssynergia. Diagnosis of functional urinary obstruction was established by exclusion of anatomic urinary obstruction and confirmed by urethral pressure profilometry. In 2 cases, multiple pressure deflections recorded in the urethral pressure profile suggested spasm of urethral musculature, whereas in a 3rd dog, abnormally high pressures were recorded along a portion of the proximal urethra. Functional urinary obstruction was associated with prostatitis in 1 dog and with a history of urethral calculi in 1 dog, and no underlying disorder could be identified in the remaining dog. All 3 dogs improved with medical treatments that included alpha adrenergic antagonists. The etiology, diagnosis, and pharmacologic management of functional urinary obstruction are discussed.
  • alpha antagonists,
  • dyssynergia,
  • dysuria,
  • urine retention
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India F. Lane, Julie R. Fischer, Ellen Miller, Gregory F Grauer, et al.. "Functional Urethral Obstruction in 3 Dogs: Clinical and Urethral Pressure Profile Findings" Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine Vol. 14 Iss. 1 (2000)
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