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Exploring Action Research as an Approach to Interactive (Participatory) Evaluation
Education Resources Information Center (2012)
  • Imran Anjum Chaudary, Lahore College for Women University
  • Shahida Imran, Independent Academic
This investigation seeks to understand "action research" as an approach to "interactive form of evaluation". The first half of the investigation illuminates the approach with the help of the particular bodies of scholarly literature and the second half draws attention to its application in the field with the help of an authentic evaluation plan. Action research evaluation, contrary to the traditional evaluation practice, challenges and shifts the paradigms by centralizing the practitioners in the knowledge production and by equalising the powers between evaluators and practitioners, thus, strengthens voice, organization and action. Despite its limitations or challenges, this form of evaluation involves and is useful to the programme's end-users with respect to their contexts, concerns, interests and problems; acknowledges and extensively benefits from the knowledge and experiences of key stakeholders; endorses the collective methods of knowledge creation in contrast to authoritarian, single-handed conclusions for others to follow for future planning; and finally, shares powers and outcomes with the stakeholders.
  • Education,
  • evaluation research,
  • interactive evaluation,
  • action research,
  • evaluation plan,
  • teacher learning and development
Publication Date
Summer June 15, 2012
Citation Information
Chaudary, I. A., & Imran, S. (2012). Exploring Action Research as an Approach to Interactive (Participatory) Evaluation (ERIC ED533227). Available at: