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One story many voices: a window on professional development practice in Pakistani higher education
/ (2013)
  • Imran Anjum Chaudary, Lahore College for Women University
Teacher quality is critical to the success of student learning and reform efforts. What it demands from teachers, teacher educators and policy makers is to think beyond traditional forms of professional development. Though analysis of CPD initiative is complex, yet in this paper we have endeavoured to establish an understanding Of Pakistani professional development programme for tertiary/higher education teachers. The programme, analysed by studying insiders' narratives in the light of the selective body of literature, is built around a philosophy of education that emphasises the development of generic skills needed to learn better and also assumes that knowledge acquired in one setting can be used in other settings. Conversely, holistic and integrated approach to professional development which acknowledges the wider social context where teacher learning happens as a daily practice through formal, informal, and incidental events is an improvement over the traditional paradigm, and the one which should be promoted.
  • Professional development,
  • higher education,
  • narratives
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Chaudary, I. C. & Imran, S. (in process). One story many voices. Australian Journal of Teacher Education.