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About ILSU Working Paper Series

Welcome to the SelectedWorks page of the Italian Legal Scholarship Unbound (ILSU) Working Paper Series. ILSU Wps is Italy's first student-run publication venue. Its mission is to offer visibility to the works of law undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students. The reasoning behind this new resource is that the possibility of publishing serious - yet preliminary - research in the form of working papers can be a means for young scholars to confront themselves with the task of publication with greater serenity. An article doesn't have to be "ready" entirely and all at once, but the publication process can be taken on "piecemeal" - by pausing to listen to the opinions of teachers and fellow students - in order to eventually yield works of greater quality: one needs a smooth path to learn how to walk.
We accept submissions by undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students from any Italian University or from foreign Universities, provided - in the latter case - that the submitted papers deal with topics of interest for Italian lawyers (e.g. general issues on foreign - i.e. US, UK, etc. - contract, business and tort law, international and comparative law, law and economics and intellectual property law). For further information on submissions, please visit our website at



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