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NCHRP Synthesis 499: Alternate Design/Alternate Bid Process for Pavement-Type Selection. A Synthesis of Highway Practice
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  • Douglas D. Gransberg, Iowa State University
  • Ashley F. Buss, Iowa State University
  • Ilker Karaca, Iowa State University
  • Michael C. Loulakis, Capital Project Strategies, LLC

Highway administrators, engineers, and researchers often face problems for which information already exists, either in documented form or as undocumented experience and practice. This information may be fragmented, scattered, and unevaluated. As a consequence, full knowledge of what has been learned about a problem may not be brought to bear on its solution. Costly research findings may go unused, valuable experience may be overlooked, and due consideration may not be given to recommended practices for solving or alleviating the problem. There is information on nearly every subject of concern to highway administrators and engineers. Much of it derives from research or from the work of practitioners faced with problems in their day-to-day work. To provide a systematic means for assembling and evaluating such useful information and to make it available to the entire highway community, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials—through the mechanism of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program—authorized the Transportation Research Board to undertake a continuing study. This study, NCHRP Project 20-5, “Synthesis of Information Related to Highway Problems,” searches out and synthesizes useful knowledge from all available sources and prepares concise, documented reports on specific topics. Reports from this endeavor constitute an NCHRP report series, Synthesis of Highway Practice. This synthesis series reports on current knowledge and practice, in a compact format, without the detailed directions usually found in handbooks or design manuals. Each report in the series provides a compendium of the best knowledge available on those measures found to be the most successful in resolving specific problems.

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National Academy of Sciences
  • Construction,
  • Design,
  • Highways,
  • Pavements

This book is published as Gransberg, D., Karaca, I., Buss, A., and Loulakis, M. “NCHRP Synthesis 499: Alternative Design/Alternate Bid Process for Pavement Type Selection.” Transportation Research Board of the National Academies. 2017. Posted with permission.

Citation Information
Douglas D. Gransberg, Ashley F. Buss, Ilker Karaca and Michael C. Loulakis. NCHRP Synthesis 499: Alternate Design/Alternate Bid Process for Pavement-Type Selection. A Synthesis of Highway Practice. Washington, D.C.(2017)
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