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Licensing null arguments in recipes across languages
Journal of Linguistics (2021)
  • Ileana Paul
While much of the literature on recipe contexts has focused on English and the availability of null definite patients, this paper shows that both null agents and null patients are possible in recipes in a range of typologically and genetically diverse languages. It is proposed that null agents in recipes arise due to a variety of syntactic strategies, but null patients are uniformly licensed via a null topic in the left periphery in all the languages considered. These results indicate that while the recipe register does not directly dictate specific syntactic structures such as imperatives or null objects, the register can provide the pragmatic context necessary for certain syntactic processes, such as null topicalization.
  • Malagasy,
  • null objects,
  • null topicalization,
  • recipe contexts,
  • topic drop
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Ileana Paul. "Licensing null arguments in recipes across languages" Journal of Linguistics (2021)
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