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Reduced structure in Malagasy headlines
Linguistic Variation (2017)
  • Ileana Paul
This paper examines the register associated with headlines in Malagasy. While in many
languages headlines appear to have reduced structure as evidenced by the absence of certain
grammatical markers (determiners, copulas, tense), Malagasy headlines show a change in word
order from VOS to SVO. It is argued that like English, Malagasy headlines involve a truncated
syntactic structure and that the absence of certain functional projections accounts for the change
in word order.
  • Malagasy,
  • headlines,
  • register variation,
  • truncation,
  • word order
Publication Date
Fall 2017
Citation Information
Ileana Paul. "Reduced structure in Malagasy headlines" Linguistic Variation Vol. 17 Iss. 2 (2017)
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