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Maeztu Whitney, Ramiro de (1875-1936)
Spanish Language and Literature
  • Iker Gonzalez-Allende, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Published in World Literature in Spanish: An Encyclopedia. Ed. Maureen Ihrie and Salvador Oropesa. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2011. Volume 2. pages 586-587.

A key member of Spain's Generation of 1898, this journalist, essayist, and public intellectual lived in Paris, Havana, and London, and traveled throughout Germany and Italy as a war correspondent during World War I. He also served as Spanish ambassador to Argentina from 1928 until 1930, representing Primo de Rivera's dictatorship
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Iker Gonzalez-Allende. "Maeztu Whitney, Ramiro de (1875-1936)" (2011)
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