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Translators on translation memories: a blessing or a curse?
Translation Technology and its Teaching (2006)
  • Ignacio Garcia, University of Western Sydney

Now a standard feature in the translator’s toolbox, translation memory (TM) technologies come with various prices and brands, and hence different learning curves and levels of customer service. A study of messages posted to Lantra-L, an online forum for translators, reveals the advantages and disadvantages involved. Lantra-L contributors often mention gains in productivity due to repetitive texts as a key advantage, even if this has also led clients and translation agencies to seek discounts for perfect and near matches. Despite this drawback, non-repetitive texts and terminology management can also benefit from translation memories. Translators could explore opportunities for using TMs with non-repetitive texts, as this is something that neither agencies nor clients have systematically taxed yet.

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Anthony Pym, Alexander Perekrestenko & Bram Starink
Intercultural Studies Group
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Ignacio Garcia. "Translators on translation memories: a blessing or a curse?" TarragonaTranslation Technology and its Teaching (2006)
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