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About Ignacio Garcia Dr

The theme of my current research is translation and social media. I study how social media shapes translation as performed by professionals as well as amateurs with (or without) the help of technologies such as translation memory, machine translation and translation management systems. I’m looking for ways for professionals and non-professionals to cooperate towards making public service translation universal. I’m interested also in human evaluation of machine translation with a focus on how free online machine translation compares with customised machine translation and on the correlation of machine translation evaluation with postediting.

I did my PhD in Spanish and Latin American studies and I’ve published on Spanish migration to Australia in the fifties and to Argentina towards the end of the nineteen century. In 2003 my research focus moved to the deployment of language technologies to assist inter-linguistic communication.


Present senior lecturer, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Research Interests

Translation Studies and Spanish and Latin American Studies

Translation Studies (19)

Spanish & Latin American Studies (7)