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Unpublished Paper
The Constitutional Convention for Sudan final.docx
Sudanese papers (2016)
  • Ibrahim A Ibrahim, Mr


Sudan has been in search for a permanent constitution for more than a century. Sudan has been engaged in several failed efforts to adopt a permanent constitution that helps in building political institutions and democracy which have been manipulated and distorted by certain forces over the years.

The Sudanese current crisis has always been associated with their failure in adopting a permanent constitution for the country. The disintegration of the country in 2011, the spread of civil wars in Darfur region, Blue Nile province and Southern Kordofan, and the massive human rights violations are the main symbols of the constitutional failure.   

This paper addresses the problem of constitution-making in Sudan and presents a way forward. To introduce a new approach to constitution-making in Sudan, it is imperative to understand the political and constitutional history of the country. The paper details the political and constitutional failure and analyzes the inherited defected constitution- making processes that have continued for long years.   

The paper demonstrates that the process is vital to the outcome of the constitution. Therefore, it suggests a full departure from the past failed experiences in constitution-making in Sudan and specifically it proposes a new more inclusive approach to adopting a permanent constitution in Sudan that guarantees wide participation and prevents the manipulation of the process by certain powers. More specifically, the paper introduces the National Constitutional Convention as a vital mechanism to adopt the permanent constitution and solve the Sudanese fundamental problems.


  • constitution,
  • constitution-making,
  • constitutional convention,
  • sudan,
  • marginalization,
  • federalism,
  • regionalism
Publication Date
Spring April 11, 2016
Citation Information
Ibrahim A Ibrahim. "The Constitutional Convention for Sudan final.docx" Sudanese papers (2016)
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