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Unpublished Paper
A High Devolution Region (HDR): A Community Based Political Solution for Darfur
ExpressO (2010)
  • Ibrahim A Ibrahim, Mr
A High Devolution Region (HDR): A Community Based Political Solution for Darfur By/ Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim LLM Sudanese Lawyer & Congressional Researcher Abstract: The main causes of the war in Darfur as the paper highlights lie in both communal conflicts and the imbalance of power between the centre and marginalized regions. Therefore, the power sharing is a valid mechanism for redressing communal conflicts and the years of political marginalization of Darfur. The Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) demonstrated that there were no powers to share in Darfur and that why it failed. The parties have not been able to achieve peace in the region because the essence and spirit of power sharing have been largely ignored. The protocol on power sharing neglected to deal with the various communities. Power sharing, however, should not be about the existing powers mandated by the current federal system, rather it should be about creating a new real power for Darfur region that secures self-governance, and reflects on the aspiration of the Darfurians. Accordingly, the paper has suggested a particular community based political plan for Darfur, which intends to create real power, and set forth a formula to share it among communities, by transforming Darfur into a Highly Devolved Region (HDR), with both elements of true federalism and genuine autonomy. To facilitate this transformation, an effective communitarian approach is applied. All members of Darfur communities should be members of a permanent coalition government of Darfur region. The High Devolution Region (HDR) entails granting a high-level autonomy for Darfur region and devolves power to Darfur’s three states. It can accommodate the region’s multitude of ethnic and tribal factions better than a typical federation would.
  • Darfur Crisis,
  • Communal Conflicts,
  • Solution
Publication Date
July 12, 2010
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Ibrahim A Ibrahim. "A High Devolution Region (HDR): A Community Based Political Solution for Darfur" ExpressO (2010)
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