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Will I Ever Learn?: One Woman's Life of Miracles and Ministry
  • Hyveth Williams, Andrews University

This is the incredible autobiography of a young woman who pursued fame and fortune with passionate intensity. The victim of childhood sexual abuse, she decided that no God would allow a little girl to suffer as she had, and so she embraced atheism.

She submerged herself in a world of power and politics, drugs, the occult, broken relationships, pain, and emptiness until there was nothing about her to suggest a divine destiny. Only God knew what was in the heart of this cigar-smoking, hard-drinking, profane woman-because He had put it there. With divine urgency the Father sought His lost child, fanning the spark of unconditional love that would not let her go.

"So what have I learned through all this?" Pastor Williams asks. "That no matter how dark or how brilliant our past, no matter how great or how humble our present, we have this hope: to be eternally united in Christ in heavenly places, if only we trust and obey!"

  • God,
  • Jesus Christ,
  • Unconditional Love,
  • Hope,
  • Encouragement
Publication Date
January 1, 1996
Review & Herald Publishing
Citation Information
Hyveth Williams. Will I Ever Learn?: One Woman's Life of Miracles and Ministry. Hagerstown(1996)
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