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Body and Soul.
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  • Hyveth Williams, Andrews University
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"The devastating consequences of immorality are not just mental or emotional; they are also spiritual and physical, ranging from loss of fellowship with God and others, loss of reputation, estrangement from family or friends, haunting guilt, inestimable financial and psychological losses, damage to the personhood of all involved, and a litany of other destructive, even deadly, outcomes. This reality should scare everyone from sin. Unfortunately, it doesn’t! For if we are honest with ourselves, not only as Christians but as Seventh-day Adventists, some seem to think that commitment to Sabbath observance and a vegetarian diet exempts them from the consequences of immorality in the sight of God. They go on their merry way participating in, practicing, and even promoting abhorrent behaviors."
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Adventist Review
Cure for the common life
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Christian Ministry
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Hyveth Williams. "Body and Soul." Vol. 193 Iss. 11 (2016) p. 54 - 54
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