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Secrets of a Happy Heart: A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the Mount
  • Hyveth Williams, Andrews University

Hyveth Williams introduces us to the happiest people in the world: a society of the blessed who mold their lives by the Beatitudes. In His famous mountaintop motivational speech, the world's greatest psychologist, with the deepest understanding of human nature, reveals the secrets of human happiness. Jesus offers not just rules and regulations but baskets of blessing in the form of timeless principles that bring freedom from the burdens of pride, pretense, and fear. You can be happy in any situation—because things are not what they seem. If you are on top of the world, thinking that nothing can get you down, you need this book. Or if you are a hapless victim of circumstances, slogging through a spiritual slough, this book is for you. Let Hyveth Williams with her sparkling stories explain how your persecution, your hunger, your poverty, can be cause for rejoicing! For all who delight in paradox; for all who need a spiritual pick-me-up-and-kick-me-forward; for all whose spirit is burdened with the ennui of life or poisoned with the cyanide of guilt, loneliness, lust, or resentment, Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount promises blessing beyond belief.

  • Happiness,
  • Satisfaction,
  • Peace
Publication Date
April 28, 2004
Review & Herald Publishing
Citation Information
Hyveth Williams. Secrets of a Happy Heart: A Fresh Look at the Sermon on the Mount. Hagerstown(2004)
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