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Phonological Awareness: Normally Developing and Language Delayed Children
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  • Hyla Rubin, The College of New Rochelle
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This study compared 15 nonnal and 13 language delayed fourand five-year-old children on a range of tasks of phonological awareness. The tasks differed in the degree of explicit linguistic analysis that was required. The language delayed group always performed below the level of the nonnal children, and there were significant group differences on several tasks. A significant interaction effect reflected the greater difficulty language delayed children experienced with tasks that required the most explicit analysis. The tasks used in this study could be used in intervention research with language delayed children. They can also be used in therapy and classroom activities to enhance linguistic awareness skills thought to be critical for oral and written language development.
Citation Information
Warrick, N., & Rubin, H. (1992). Phonological awareness in normally developing and language delayed children. Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, 16, 1,11-20.