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About Hyaeweol Choi

My research interests are in the areas of gender history, religion and diaspora with a focus on Korea/Asia. I have published books and articles on such topics as the genealogy of modern womanhood in the encounters between Koreans and American Protestant missionaries in the early twentieth century (Gender and Mission Encounters in Korea: New Women, Old Ways, University of California Press, 2009), the historical development of the New Woman in early twentieth century colonial Korea (New Women in Colonial Korea: A Sourcebook, Routledge, 2013), and the role and contribution of Asian-born scholars in the US (An International Scientific Community: Asian Scholars in the United States, Praeger, 1995).
I have recently co-edited with Margaret Jolly a collection of papers focusing on the emergence of the concept of "domesticity" within the context of encounters between Christian missionaries and women in Asia and the Pacific (Divine Domesticities: Christian Paradoxes in Asia and the Pacific, ANU Press, 2014).
I am pursuing a new research project, reexamining the modern history of women in Korea from a transnational perspective by focusing on the dynamic flow of the ideas, discourses and people across national boundaries that have triggered new gender images and bodily practices.


Present Faculty Member, The Australian National University