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e-Healthcare in ABC county health department (ABCCHD): trade-offs analysis and evaluation
Journal of Information Technology (2006)
  • Hwee-Joo Kam, Ferris State University
  • Keng Siau, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The issue of privacy stirred a tumultuous uproar when the ABC County Health Department (ABCCHD) was planning for an e-Healthcare system that utilized information technology to streamline the administration process of patients. ABCCHD had hired a software vendor, Info-Health, a company that specialized in information system development for the healthcare industry to help in the project. The privacy of patients with Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Human Immunity System was a thorny issue in the implementation of the e-Healthcare system. A trade-off between privacy and cost was discussed and debated. Three alternatives, with varying degrees of privacy and cost, were considered

Publication Date
February, 2006
Citation Information
Hwee-Joo Kam and Keng Siau. "e-Healthcare in ABC county health department (ABCCHD): trade-offs analysis and evaluation" Journal of Information Technology Vol. 21 Iss. 1 (2006)
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