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Web 2.0 in Higher Education: Collaborative Learning
MWAIS 2009 Proceedings
  • Hwee-Joo Kam, Dakota State University
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Web 2.0 has created an open-context that promotes collaborative learning by allowing interaction, participation, and transaction. Introducing Web 2.0 into curriculum will enhance students’ learning experiences in higher education while serving the pedagogical objectives pertaining to collaborative learning. Google Docs & Spreadsheets (GDS), a Web 2.0 technology, was introduced as a collaborative tool to improve team-based learning in both undergraduate and graduate classes. This research paper plans to adopt hermeneutics circle approach to provide insights on how to facilitate and enhance collaborative learning in a team-oriented environment.
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Hwee-Joo Kam. "Web 2.0 in Higher Education: Collaborative Learning" (2009)
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