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About Huijie Xue

The instability analysis code that I developed as a part of my thesis work has been adopted by a number of researchers with applications to the western boundary currents and coastal/shelf fronts and jets. Over the past few years, we conducted numerical studies of rapidly developing winter storms, which represents the foremost effort to examine air-sea interactions between mesoscale atmospheric events and prominent oceanic features using coupled atmosphere-ocean models. The synchronized coupling algorithm, which uses concurrent programming, can also be used in other similar coupled systems. The South China Sea project has fostered strong international collaborations between the PI and colleagues in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. My latest effort focuses on the development of the Gulf of Maine nowcast/forecast system, which produces results that are used for research, management and recreational purposes.


Present Professor of Marine Sciences, University of Maine School of Marine Sciences

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Contact Information

Phone: (207) 581-4318
456 Aubert Hall
Orono, ME 04469-5706


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