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About Hugo Eiler DVM, MS, PhD

Dr. Hugo Eiler was born in Chile. He attended The University of Chile where he received his DVM (Medico Veterinario) degree in 1960. His DVM thesis was in the area of blood-pressure regulation. During 1962 he received a Fellowship from the International Atomic Energy Agency/F.A.O to study radiation biology at The University of Cornell, Ithaca. In 1974, he received his M.S. degree at the University of Georgia, Athens, and in 1976 he received a Ph.D. degree at the University of Illinois, Urbana. His graduate studies were in the areas of endocrinology and reproductive physiology. After completing his DVM degree in 1960, he became an assistant professor at The Institute of Physiology, School of Human Medicine, The University of Chile. He taught physiology to veterinary, human medicine, and nursing students. He owned a small-animal hospital and practiced small-animal medicine, part time, for several years.
Scientific Activities
Dr. Eiler has published over 80 scientific articles in the areas of reproductive physiology and clinical endocrinology. He and his collaborators developed: (1) a new hypothesis on the mechanism of parturition and retained placenta, including a new treatment (collagenase)in the bovine (in Large Animal Theriogenology, Youngquist and Threlfall, ed. 2007); (2) Concept and techniques for the: (a) combined dexamethasone suppression/ACTH stimulation test in dogs with Cushing's disease (Am. J. Vet. Res. 41:1243-1246, 1980; J.Am.Vet Assoc. 185:289-294, 1984); (b) combined dexamethasone suppression/TRH stimulation test in horses, for the diagnosis of pars intermedia pituitary adenoma (JAVMA 211:79-81, 1997); (c) combined glucose/insulin test in horses for evaluation of glucose homeostasis (AJVR 66:1598-1604, 2005).
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Present Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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Department of Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
The University of Tennessee
2407 River Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996


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