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The Media's Ancien Regime
The Weekly Standard (2006)
  • Hugh Hewitt
Columbia School of Journalism is undertaking a major change via the introduction of a second graduate degree program. Dean Nicholas Leman believes that decline in credibility of major media can be arrested via the teaching to journalists of power skills, e.g. regression analysis, that equip them to provide readers/listeners with more than an account of competing narratives. The attempt is doomed, according to Hewitt, not because of journalists' inability to learn new skills, but because of a uniformity of ideological beliefs that inevitably distort stories and thus diminish credibility in a way that cannot be hidden from a networked world. Hugh Hewitt is Professor of Law at Chapman University Law School and the Executive Editor of
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Publication Date
January 30, 2006
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Hugh Hewitt, The Media's Ancien Regime, The Weekly Standard, Jan. 30, 2006. Available at: