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Silent Struggles—the Plight of Undocumented Students in Social Work Education
Global Social Welfare
  • Melody Loya
  • Susanna Jones
  • Huatong Sun, University of Washington Tacoma
  • Rich Furman
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The purpose of this article is to explore factors that impact undocumented students in higher education in the USA. First, we explore the immigrant population in the USA and examine educational attainment among undocumented immigrants. Second, we highlight key contextual factors and political forces that impact undocumented students. Next, we discuss the ethical issues that arise for both undocumented students and faculty. Lastly, we suggest recommendations to improve the access to and experience of undocumented students in institutions of higher learning within the context of social work education, including suggestions for faculty.
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Melody Loya, Susanna Jones, Huatong Sun and Rich Furman. "Silent Struggles—the Plight of Undocumented Students in Social Work Education" Global Social Welfare (2016) p. 1 - 9
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