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Wireless Health
Quantitative Health Sciences Publications and Presentations
  • Honggang Wang, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
  • Md Shaad Mahmud, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
  • Hua (Julia) Fang, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Chonggang Wang, InterDigital
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Department of Quantitative Health Sciences
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Publisher's description: This book provides a candid assessment and practical knowledge about the current technological advancements of the wireless healthcare system. This book presents the competencies of modeling e-health framework, medical wireless body sensor networks, communication technologies for mobile health, nanotechnology innovations in medicine, security issues for medical records, personalized services in healthcare applications, and Big Data for wireless health. This book covers multiple research perspectives in order to address the strong need for interdisciplinary research in the area of wireless health, such as the interactive research among biomedical sensor technology, intelligent textiles and advanced wireless network technology. The interactions involve experts from multidisciplinary fields including medical, information technology and computing fields. Designed as a study tool for graduate students, researchers, and medical professionals, this book is also valuable for business managers, entrepreneurs, and investors within the medical and healthcare industries. It is useful for anyone who cares about the future opportunities in healthcare systems.
  • UMCCTS funding
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Wang H, Mahmud MS, Fang H, Wang C. Wireless Health. Springer. 2017. ISBN 978-3-319-47946-0. DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-47946-0. Part of the SpringerBriefs in Computer Science series.
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Honggang Wang, Md Shaad Mahmud, Hua (Julia) Fang and Chonggang Wang. Wireless Health. (2016)
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