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About Hans Joerg Tiede

I am on the staff of the national AAUP, where I work on issues related to academic freedom and shared governance. My recent publications are about the history of the AAUP. I was previously professor of computer science at Illinois Wesleyan University and conducted research on theoretical computational linguistics and applied logic.


January 2016 - Present Senior Program Officer, American Association of University Professors
1999 - 2016 Professor of Computer Science, Illinois Wesleyan University Department of Computer Science

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Contact Information

Department of Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Governance
American Association of University Professors
Washington, DC


AAUP Redbook (1)

History of the AAUP (2)

Academic Freedom and Tenure (3)

Shared Governance (7)

Learnability Theory (1)

Methodology of Linguistics (2)

Model Theoretic Syntax (2)

Proof Theoretical Syntax (4)

Ph.D. Thesis (1)