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Augmenting the Classroom with Web-Based Interactive Demonstrations
2014 Joint Mathematics Meeting (2014)
  • James Howard, University of Maryland University College
This presentation will look at using the Wolfram Demonstrations and Wolfram|Alpha Widgets to augment the classroom. These tools, which provide an interactive environment for mathematical experimentation, are freely available and provide a rich set of capabilities. Those capabilities include rapid deployment, real-time updates, and symbolic computation. Further, there are thousands of freely available interactive examples ready to deploy in undergraduate instruction. Finally, examples of combining these tools with other freely-available are presented. Focus is given to applying these tools in the introductory college mathematics courses along with discussion of the purely online mathematics education environment.
  • mathematics education,
  • distance learning
Publication Date
January 14, 2014
Citation Information
James Howard. "Augmenting the Classroom with Web-Based Interactive Demonstrations" 2014 Joint Mathematics Meeting (2014)
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