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Keeping the dead at arm's length
Journal of Social Archaeology (2005)
  • Howard M. R. Williams, University of Chester

Archaeologists have identified two kinds of furnished graves dating to the late fifth and sixth centuries AD from southern and eastern England: inhumation and cremation. While the ‘weapon burial rite’ is a frequent occurrence for inhumation graves, weapons are rarely found in cinerary urns. This article argues that this divergence may relate to the contrasting roles of cremation and inhumation as mortuary technologies of remembrance linked to alternative strategies for managing the powerful mnemonic agency of weapons.

  • cremation,
  • early medieval,
  • memory,
  • mortuary practices,
  • personhood
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Howard M. R. Williams. "Keeping the dead at arm's length" Journal of Social Archaeology Vol. 5 Iss. 2 (2005)
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