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Massive Open Online Courses: Devil or Angel?
E-Leader International Journal (2014)
  • Sak Onkvisit, San Jose State University
  • Howard W. Combs, San Jose State University
Online teaching is not new. What is new is MOOCs (massive open online courses), the next generation of online teaching. College administrators and politicians champion it. Faculty members oppose it. Is MOOCs a savior that will make college courses more accessible and less costly? Or is MOOCs a devil that will harm college education? 
Publication Date
Citation Information
“Massive Open Online Courses: Devil or Angel?”, E-Leader International Journal Volume 9, Number 1, Refereed Program E-Leader Bangkok,, ISSN 1935-4819, Chinese American Scholars Association, New York, New York, USA, February 2014 (with S. Onkvisit)