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About Howard W Brill

Professor Howard Brill has been at the School of Law since 1975. He is the first Vincent Foster Professor of Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility and teaches professional responsibility, remedies, civil procedure, and domestic relations. He teaches special topics courses on Baseball and the Law, as well as Arkansas Constitutional Law.

After graduating from Duke University, he taught English language and African literature as a Peace Corps volunteer in Sokoto, Northern Nigeria. Professor Brill earned his J.D. from the University of Florida Law School, where he was the editor-in-chief of the law review, and later earned an LL.M. from the University of Illinois. In addition to practicing with a small firm in Rock Island, Ill., he has taught at the Universities of Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. In connection with the School of Law's summer programs, he has taught in Cambridge, England, and St. Petersburg, Russia. He has taught comparative Constitutional Law at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania.

From September 2015 to December 2016 Professor Brill served as the Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court. He played a role in the adoption of changes to the Code of Judicial Conduct and the Rules of Professional Conduct. His opinions included language from Bob Dylan, William Butler Yeats, and Bob Dylan.

He is a frequent Continuing Legal Education speaker on ethics and damages. His programs include: Lessons in the Law from the Life and Music of Johnny Cash; the Razorbacks, the NCAA and the Law; Lawyers in the Movies of John Grisham; the Seven Deadly Sins (lawyer's edition); and The Godfather.

His publications include Arkansas Law of Damages (6th edition) and Arkansas Professional and Judicial Ethics (8th edition). He served on former Gov. Clinton's Commission on Ethics and Gov. Tucker's Ethics Task Force. Along with other court and bar association committees, he serves on the Professional Ethics & Grievances Committee of the Arkansas Bar and the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee. He also prepares advisory ethical opinions for attorneys and judges.

From 1995 to 2010, Professor Brill served as the University's Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA and the Southeastern Conference, fulfilling academic certification and compliance duties. From 2007 to 2010 he also was the Secretary of the Southeastern Conference. He served as the interim dean of the School of Law during the 2005-06 academic year. He is the faculty adviser to the Christian Legal Society.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette published a profile of Prof. Brill Howard Walter Brill: Game For Law on Nov. 20, 2011.



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