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Rules of Standard Maghrebi. Towards a Pan-Dialectal Orthography
  • Emad Adel
  • Houcemeddine A Turki
Maghrebi is a dialect continuum extending from Tunisia to Morocco with millions of native speakers. However, no standard dialect has been created for this variety and there are limited trials to create a pan-dialectal orthography for it. This booklet is just a trial to solve this problem through the adoption of the excellent aspects of the created orthographies for the main variants of Maghrebi Arabic and the consideration of the morphology and the phonology of each of the Maghrebi Arabic dialects. 
  • Maghrebi Arabic,
  • Phonosyntactic orthography,
  • Arabic Script,
  • Latin Script,
  • Standard Maghrebi
Publication Date
Winter January 1, 2016
GRIN Verlag
Citation Information
Emad Adel and Houcemeddine A Turki. Rules of Standard Maghrebi. Towards a Pan-Dialectal Orthography. Munich, Germany(2016)
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