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Ranking of Tunisian Scientists According to Their Efficient Productivity. An Overview of Scientific Research Output in Tunisia
  • Houcemeddine A Turki
  • Manel Turki
In this research paper, the work starts with a single-center retrospective Statistical Study that begins by doing a Ranking of Leading Tunisian Scientists based on their Hirsch Index as computed by Google Scholar MyCitations Database in order to assess the quality and the efficiency of the Leading Tunisian Scientists as it has been done in some other countries before. Then, the information is analyzed using the statistical software of Microsoft Office Excel 2007. For organizational purposes, the ranking is limited only to Scientists having a Hirsch Index of 15 and more so that the error risk become very narrow and the results would be optimized. The query is supported by the use of some directories and methods using Google Chrome as an Internet Browser and Google Search as a Search Engine. As the ranking process was difficult, it is advised that scientists submit their papers in full names written with a common spelling and create profiles on scientific forums like ResearchGate and ORCID and a Google Scholar MyCitations Account if it can be applicable. The ranking process returned 307 Tunisian Scientists having 15 or more as Lifelong Achievement Hirsch Index. 181 of them are working nowadays in Tunisian Leading Public Universities and this is a good fact. As for disciplinary specializations, it is seen that over 41,500 pc. of the Tunisian Scientists considered in the following ranking are working on Medical Sciences. This important influence of Medical Sciences is explained by different reasons. The main reason of this considerable phenomenon is the high impact factor of Medical Journals. But, there are other reasons related to the country itself. In fact, it is explained by the lack of influencing young Scientific Researchers in Core Sciences like Physics and Mathematics… Moreover, the use of interdisciplinary Methods in Research within a particular branch of Science, the conditions afforded to Scientists working on a particular field, the organization of Scientific Research in that country, the scientific topic of research of interest in that country and some other reasons may influence the composition of Leading National Scientific Ranges just as it has happened in Tunisia. That is why some procedures should be launched in order to better the scientific output of Leading Tunisian Scientific Range and by that the state of Scientific Research in Tunisia and the standings of Tunisia in Citations and Hirsch Index Based Scientific International Rankings.
  • Scientometrics,
  • Bibliometrics,
  • Hirsch Index,
  • Science evaluation,
  • Research Trends,
  • Scientific Output,
  • Tunisian Scientists,
  • Literature Analysis
Publication Date
Fall September 23, 2014
GRIN Verlag
Publisher Statement
This is the 2014 Ranking of Tunisian Scientists.
Citation Information
Houcemeddine A Turki and Manel Turki. Ranking of Tunisian Scientists According to Their Efficient Productivity. An Overview of Scientific Research Output in Tunisia. 1Munich, Germany(2014)
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