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Buckwalter to Arabizi Converter for Tunisian Arabic
WIkimedia Foundation LangCom Proceedings (2016)
  • Houcemeddine Turki
In this work, the reasons of creation, the input and output characteristics, the principles and the main applications of the creation of a rule-based software that converts texts in Buckwalter transliteration of Arabic script to Arabic Chat Alphabet for Tunisian Arabic are briefly and precisely explained.

  • Tunisian Arabic,
  • Buckwalter transliteration,
  • Arabizi,
  • Script Converter
Publication Date
Fall October 1, 2016
Publisher Statement
Further details:
  1. Brackets ([ and ]) are only used for mudhaf ilyah when the mudhaf finishes with Ta Marbuta.
  2. The Tunisian Arabizi is influenced by all phonological patterns of Tunisian Arabic excepting the assimilation phenomenon and the emphatisation of letters.
Instructions for use:
  1. Create your input file as a TXT file in C://Buckwalter using Buckawalter transliteration of the Tunisian CODA Arabic Script with Perso-Arabic letters for [p], [v] and [g]. Each line in this TXT input file should not exceed 255 ASCII characters.
  2. Run the software
  3. Write the name of the input file without the ".txt" extension
  4. The output file could be found in C://Buckwalter
Citation Information
Houcemeddine Turki. "Buckwalter to Arabizi Converter for Tunisian Arabic" WIkimedia Foundation LangCom Proceedings Vol. 33 Iss. 6 (2016) p. 1 - 5
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