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MOS-2: A Two-Dimension Space for Positioning MAS Organizational Models
International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science (2015)
  • Hosny Abbas, Assiut University
  • Samir Shaheen, Cairo University
The increased complexity and dynamism of present and future Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) enforce the need for considering both of their static (design-time) and the dynamic (run-time) aspects. A type of balance between the two aspects can definitely give better results related to system stability and adaptivity. MAS organization is the research area that is concerned with these issues and it is currently a very active and interesting research area. Designing a MAS with an initial organization and giving it the ability to dynamically reorganize to adapt the dynamic changes of its unpredictable and uncertain environment, is the feasible way to survive and to run effectively. Normally, MAS organization is tackled by what is called, MAS organizational models, which are concerned with the description (formally or informally) of the structural and dynamical aspects of agent organizations. This paper proposes a two-dimension space, called MOS-2, for positioning and assessing MAS organizational models based on two dimensions: their adopted engineering viewpoint (agent-centered or organization-centered) as the vertical dimension and the agents awareness/unawareness of the existence of the organizational level as the horizontal dimension. The MOS-2 space is applied for positioning a number of familiar organizational models. Its future trends and possible improvements are highlighted. They include the following, (1) adding Time as a dimension, (2) increasing the considered dimensions, (3) providing a quantitative approach for positioning MAS organizational models. 
  • multi-agent systems (MAS),
  • MAS organization,
  • dynamic reorganization,
  • organizational models,
  • stability,
  • adaptivity
Publication Date
Winter November 22, 2015
Citation Information
Hosny Abbas and Samir Shaheen. "MOS-2: A Two-Dimension Space for Positioning MAS Organizational Models" International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science Vol. 3 Iss. 6 (2015) p. 320 - 336 ISSN: 2091-2730
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