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Efficient Web-Based SCADA System
  • Hosny A Abbas
Computer-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems have evolved over the past 50 years, from standalone, compartmentalized operations into networked architectures that communicate across large distances. In addition, their implementations have migrated from custom hardware and software to standard hardware and software platforms. These changes have led to reduced development, operational, and maintenance costs as well as providing executive management with real-time information that can be used to support planning, supervision, and decision making. For reasons of efficiency, maintenance, economics, data acquisition and control platforms have migrated from isolated in-plant networks using proprietary hardware and software to PC-based systems using standard software, network protocols, and the Internet. There is an emerging trend in many organizations comprising SCADA and conventional IT units toward consolidating some overlapping activities. For example, control engineering might be absorbed or closely integrated with the corporate IT department. This trend is motivated by cost savings achieved by consolidating disparate platforms, networks, software, and maintenance tools. In addition, integrating SCADA data collection and monitoring with corporate financial and customer data provides management with an increased ability to run the organization more efficiently and effectively. In this thesis we design an approach for web based SCADA systems by accessing an OPC DA server through the Internet. To do that we will aggregate some of the modern IT technologies like web services, ASP.NET and AJAX with standard process protocols such as OPC DA protocol. Our goal is to design and develop an efficient and feasible web based SCADA system which consumes as little as possible of the available resources, but to achieve this goal we will have to face and solve many challenges which related to the Internet limitations.
  • SCADA,
  • OPC DA,
  • Web,
  • IT
Publication Date
Spring September 19, 2012
Hosny A. Abbas
Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP)
Citation Information
Hosny A. Abbas, Ahmed M. Mohamed, Efficient Web-Based SCADA System. Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP), 2012.