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Efficient Web Based Monitoring and Control System
the Seventh International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems, ICAS 2011 (2011)
  • Ahmed M Mohamed
  • Hosny A Abbas
Computer-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems have evolved over the past four decades, from standalone, compartmentalized operations into networked architectures that communicate across large distances. There is an emerging trend comprising SCADA and conventional IT units toward consolidating some overlapping activities. This trend is motivated by cost savings achieved by consolidating disparate platforms, networks, software, and maintenance tools. For reasons of efficiency, maintenance, economics, data acquisition, control platforms have migrated from isolated in-plant networks using proprietary hardware and software to PC-based systems using standard software, network protocols, and the Internet. In this paper, we present a new approach for web based SCADA systems that adapt to the behavior of the target application. In addition, we take into account the real time constraints that imposed by the nature of the problem. We show that our approach is more efficient than other approaches in terms of consuming as little as possible of the available resources (computational power and network bandwidth).
  • Automation; SCADA; OPC DA; Web Services
Publication Date
Summer May 22, 2011
Citation Information
Mohamed, A., & Abbas, H. (2011, May). Efficient Web Based Monitoring and Control System. In ICAS 2011, The Seventh International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems (pp. 18-23).‏