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I Had No Idea the Point-and-Click Horror Adventure Game Sanitarium Was on Mobile Devices
Play Horror (2016)
  • Moser Tami
Popular Press
Back in the late 90’s, DreamForge International and ASC Games released Sanitarium, a psychological horror point-and-click adventure game that focused on an amnesiac who has to visit strange and surreal places, solving puzzle after puzzle, in order to recover his memories. The game was received well by critics upon release and has had a lasting legacy. However, since it came out in 1998, it was overshadowed by titles such as Resident Evil 2, Parasite Eve, and Clock Tower II, which received far more press coverage.
I bought the game upon release because I was very much into those types of stories and that style of gameplay. And while I won’t say it’s the greatest game ever released, I have a very fond place in my heart for Sanitarium thanks to its music, its memorable levels, and the charming characters.
Last night, I was flipping through the Google Play store and stumbled across an icon that had a rather familiar looking logo and was bearing the title Sanitarium. In disbelief, I clicked on it thinking that there was no way it could possibly be the same game. To my absolute and utter surprise, it was! Released for Android and iOS right before Halloween in 2015, the mobile versions are the exact same game that I remember, just adapted for mobile platforms by DotEmu.
I highly recommend picking this up if you are looking for something that will engage you for several hours. Plus, it’s always good to have a game like this for those long toilet expeditions! And for those of you who want to play it on your computer, you can pick it up on
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Publication Date
Winter August 16, 2016
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Moser Tami. "I Had No Idea the Point-and-Click Horror Adventure Game Sanitarium Was on Mobile Devices" Play Horror (2016)
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