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自主、自治及社會參與 : 香港公民社會的發展模式
青年研究學報 = Journal of Youth Studies
  • Hon Fai CHEN, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Alternative Title
Autonomy, self-governance and social participation : some patterns of civil society development in Hong Kong
Document Type
Journal article
Publication Date
  • 公民社會,
  • 非政府組織,
  • 壓力團體,
  • 社會企業,
  • 社會運動,
  • civil society,
  • NGOs,
  • pressure groups,
  • social enterprise,
  • social movement
本文旨在分析戰後香港公民社會的發展軌跡,嘗試指出其起源可追溯至一九七零年代的社會運動和壓力團體。此類團體其後轉型為政黨或社會服務機構,並將其策略由社會動員逐步調整為制度化的參政模式。本文提出社會企業可以促進公民社會的自主和自治,前提是必須從由上而下的公共管理模式,擴大成以社區為本的全民參與運動。 This article seeks to clarify the concept of civil society and analyse its developmental patterns in Hong Kong since the post-war era. On the basis of previous studies on this subject, the article demonstrates that the origin of Hong Kong civil society can be traced back to the proliferation of social movements and pressure groups in the 1970s. These civil society groups were eventually transformed into political parties or subvented social service organizations in the 1980s and 90s, with a corresponding shift in tactics from mass mobilization to institutionalized exchange with the government. The article proposes that social enterprise, if properly understood as a community-based, participatory movement rather than a top-down project of public management, can serve to enhance the autonomy and self-governance of civil society, without thereby running into the blind alley of unyielding confrontation and social polarization.
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陳漢輝 (2014)。自主、自治及社會參與 : 香港公民社會的發展模式 = Autonomy, self-governance and social participation: Some patterns of civil society development in Hong Kong。《靑年硏究學報 = Journal of Youth Studies》,17(1),45-56。