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Why negative retained imports exist?
Hong Kong Manager = 香港經理
  • Hon Kwong LUI, Lingnan College, Hong Kong
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Journal article
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When analysing the market situation of a product, business executives have to estimate the market potential and/or market size of a product. In their estimates, the information on retained imports is one of the most important information used. Nevertheless, over the years, many economists and marketing executives are surprised to observe that the retained import values of certain products in Hong Kong were negative. Does it mean that the domestic market does not exist? If not, what's wrong in their calculations?

This short paper aims to solve the above queries and proposes two methods to estimate the retained import values.

在進行產品的市場分析時,行政人員需要估量市場 潛力和產品的市場大小,而保留入口是其中一項最重要 的分析資料。歷年來許多經濟學家和市場行政人員都感 到奇怪,何以香港某些產品的保留入口値是負數,這是 否表示本地市場並不存在?如果不是,他們的計算又在 甚麽地方出錯?

這篇短文的目的就在於解開以上的疑團,同時提供 兩個估計保留入口值的方法。

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Lui, H.-k. (1993). Why negative retained imports exist? = 爲何會出現負値的保留入口? Hong Kong Manager = 香港經理, 29(3), 20-24, 60-62.